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Vital Radar Sensor Technology

Increase productivity | Measure performance | Reduce missed appointments | Speed up workflows

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  • Latest Health Lessons

    VRS Monitoring System

    The system acquires patient data every few seconds and streams it in real-time on a wireless mesh network utilizing scalable client-server architecture. The patients data can be continuously distributed to multiple care givers (doctors, nurses, and/or EMTs) via computer, tablet, or smart phone...

  • The Benefits of Middle-Age Fitness

    VRS technology

    The system is driven by a lightweight sensor panel that is placed within 5 feet of the patient — above, below, or next to the bed at the hospital or other point of care. This device emits UWB high-frequency, low-power nanosecond pulses that are 20 million times weaker than mobile phone signals yet are capable of producing high temporal and spatial resolutions and ultra-low-power specific absorption, without ionizing radiation...

  • For Young Athletes, Good Reasons to Break the Fast-Food Habit

    VRS Technology: Coming Soon To You

    Using radar for medical diagnostics, such as non-contact monitoring of patient vital signs, is not an association You probably would immediately make. Pulsed radar advanced the theory of medical radar significantly, since short duration pulses translate to wide bandwidth, and radar bandwidth directly impacts range resolution, thus making it possible to measure both organ movement and range of movement...

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What our customers say

How vital radar sensors SaaS works in different fields.

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    While most radars will measure speed close to release, the Vital Radar Sensor measures velocity where it matters most! Provided is a simple mathematatical conversion to back into the hand release speed, so you can compare with others with different radar measurements.

    Brian Jones,AAL Research Department

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    This is a great product that I would recommend to others. It is exactly what I expected to be. get it.

    Judy Henderson,Home Care

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    Tried it a few times this SaaS. The product and service behind is very consistent, and very easy to use. Great for motivation for young people with elder parents who already have good control.

    Istvan Kovacs,Home Care